Cooperative Reentry Services for Returning Citizens

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Lutheran Social Services of Illinois – Prisoner and Family Ministry and Our Brothers’ Keepers of Southern Illinois are ecumenical faith-based organizations that are dedicated to the full
integration of formerly incarcerated persons, “returning citizens” into the St. Clair County, Illinois, community.
Reentry Services for Returning Citizens is a multi-faceted program that supports people released from prison as they transition back into the community. This connects returning citizens to
needed supportive assistance and helps them successfully adjust to living back in their community. All the core components of the program are designed to provide the transitioning individual with job knowledge and experience, a support system, and a stable life.

Holistic Approach to Reentry

The holistic approach takes into account the entire individual needs that a person reintegrating back into their family and community may need in order to be successful in their transition.
This would include housing, social support, structure, stabilization, and employment.

Program Goals:

  • Assist the returning citizens in establishing a stable life style.
  • Increase employment skills and knowledge as well as to provide opportunities to build job experience.
  • Provide structure and social outlets to help increase a returning citizen’s sense of community and self.
  • Empower the citizen to understand their past, avoid any criminogenic patterns, and have hope for the future.
  • Remove barriers during the reintegration and decrease the rate of recidivism.
  • Partner with local communities to provide returning citizen’s an opportunity to work and give back to the communities where they live.

Employment Skills School (ESS)

A 30 day curriculum-based program designed especially for returning citizens who are seeking employment. Activities include all aspects of employment training, an open computer lab for employment and educational related activities, intensive career development services, and periodic career counseling services for at least a year. Employment Skills School Graduates

Learn Valuable Work Skills

  • Developing Workplace Skills and Behaviors
  • Computer Keyboard Basics & Word Processing Skills
  • Job Communication (others, body language, written)
  • Demonstrate Team Work (leadership, work with team tasks)
  • Professionalism (respect, behavior, dress & appearance)
  • Interpersonal Relationships (positive attitude, resolve conflict)
  • Work Ethics & Behavior (time management, identify rules)
  • Housing Opportunities (agency referrals)
  • Financial Planning (reducing debt & buying bargains)
  • Maintain Safe-Healthy Work Area (equipment & hazards)
  • Seeking & Applying for Employment Opportunities
  • Identify resources for finding employment
  • Locate job opportunities
  • Define job requirements
  • Prepare a job application form
  • Write a resume & develop a career portfolio
  • Conduct mock job interviews (role play)
  • Employee interview & interview follow-up letter
  • Participate in Employment Readiness Assessment
  • Employment Skills School Graduation

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