We Need Your Help! We have ways for everyone to offer their gifts!

Volunteer for OBK

-Home repair including painting, wood work, cleaning, and minor plumbing etc.
-Lawn and landscaping includes planting and garden care
-Grant writer for fund raising
-Fund raising planning and organizing
-Recruit volunteers for all areas of service project work
-Teach reading & writing skills, social skills, and job training etc.
-Parish liaison to conduct informational sessions and speaking to local groups


Volunteer for Prison Ministry in the Diocese of Belleville

Pastoral Care

Inside the Prison: Sacramental, Catechetical, and Educational Programs

Outside the Prison: Providing Religious materials, family/victims support, and Re-Entry programs                 

Support Services: Clerical, Fundraising, and Prayer                 

Justice Advocacy

Inside the Prison: Restorative Justice, Legal Assistance, and Prison Safety and Abuse

Outside the Prison: Death Penalty and Sentencing Reform, Prison Privatization & Immigrant Detention Abolishment

Support Services: Parish and Diocese Awareness, Public Relations, and Data Collection and Research


How We Prepare You:


We provide formation for new prospects who desire to enter prison ministry both in and outside the prison.


We provide theological formation through Lewis University to train volunteers in Catholic Prison Ministry Leadership.


If interested in volunteering in any capacity,

please email obkministry2@gmail.com for further information.

Thank you!