The month of October is very busy as the Board continues the search for a physical office location in East St. Louis to provide the returning citizens with service programs as they reenter their community. We are also working with the Illinois Department of Corrections, Adult Redeploy and other agencies to continue the dialog about resources and service programs that will be implemented.

OBK is meeting with other Metro-East agencies to network about resources available both in terms personnel, connecting programs and possible funding in the future. This includes meeting with the following organizations:

  • St. Louis Community Foundation (GiveSTLDay) is working to facilitate philanthropic and community partnership that inspire regional good. Since they work with public foundations this allows OBK to showcase their program services and client progress. This networking within the St. Louis Community Foundation also includes working with the Gateway Center for Giving that covers private foundations.
  • Clark-Fox Family Foundation is committed to supporting organizations that work for a more equitable and racially just society. OBK will be partnering with Clark-Fox to present their Power Point presentation “Mass Incarceration Ecosystem Mapping” so that the OBK programs can be highlighted.
  • Concordance Academy is focused on assisting individuals returning from prison. Their main focus is on community & life skills, behavior health & wellness and education & employment. OBK will help with their mentoring program for clients that settle in the East St. Louis community.
  • St. Louis University through their “Transformative Justice Initiative” is working to improve system health and safety, and reduce the high rate of recidivism and provide for the successful transition from the prison setting. The St. Louis University criminal justice group is a valuable resource to our OBK programs.
  • East St. Louis Connection to Success is working on helping families overcome poverty with a special emphasis on those who are re-entering society. This will help OBK to help find job opportunities for returning citizens.