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Volunteer for OBK Returning Citizens

  • Teach reading, writing and social skills
  • Teach returning citizens to teach others to read
  • Teach basic computer skills
  • Mentor returning citizens
  • Help find affordable housing in St. Clair and Madison Counties
  • Search for job opportunities for returning citizens
  • Collect items for hygiene kits for returning citizens

Volunteer to Help Address OBK Program Needs

  • Expand outreach using social media skills
  • Assist initiatives to expand OBK programs
  • Assist preparation of news articles for OBK web & Newsletter
  • Assist grant writer in submitting applications
  • Develop a data base for contact lists
  • Explore various fund-raising venues

Volunteer for Prison Ministry in the Diocese of Belleville

Pastoral Care

Inside the Prison: Sacramental, Catechetical, and Educational Programs

Outside the Prison: Providing Religious materials, family/victims support, and Re-Entry programs

Support Services: Clerical, Fundraising, and Prayer

Justice Advocacy

Inside the Prison: Restorative Justice, Legal Assistance, and Prison Safety and Abuse

Outside the Prison: Death Penalty and Sentencing Reform, Prison Privatization & Immigrant Detention Abolishment

Support Services: Parish and Diocese Awareness, Public Relations, and Data Collection and Research

How We Prepare You:


We provide formation on Christian Discipleship new prospects who desire to enter prison ministry both in and outside the prison.


We provide training on correctional ministry, Restorative Justice & Catholic Social Teaching, and do’s and don’ts of working in a prison and jail ministry.


If interested in volunteering in any capacity,

please email obkministry2@gmail.com for further information.

Thank you!

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Helpful Links

Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition

Catholic Mobilizing Network

Diocese of Belleville Prison Ministry

Catholic Conference of Illinois: Prison and Jail Ministry


St. Leonard's Ministry

Dismas Ministry

National Association of Catholic Chaplains

Contact Us

Email: obkministry2@gmail.com

OBK Reentry Office:
614 N. 7th Street,
East St. Louis, IL

Office Phone: 618-271-7821
Program Director:
Mike Schuette

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