LSSI / OBK and CUP (Catholic Urban Programs) have agreed to lease a two story building at 614 N. 7th Street, East St. Louis, IL (62201) that is owned by Catholic Urban Programs and is located next to the office of East Side Heart & Home (Family Center). The lease was signed on June 19, 2019 for three years and is a major step forward for the reentry program since the program is expanding and the previous location was limited for space and time of operations.

The first objective is to start a complete clean-up of the interior building that will require electrical and plumbing work in addition to building an ADA ramp and ADA bathroom to accommodate clients with disabilities. This renovation work will continue through July, August and September so that the reentry program could reopen in October / November to start Employment Skill classes. During this time OBK will continue to do INTAKE of new clients and provide a limited class schedule as time and facility renovation permits.

In September a change was made in our program leadership has Marie Franklin resigned to pursue other job opportunities and Mike Schuette was hired as a program aide on September 30. Mike position will be upgraded in the coming months to the LSSI/OBK Program Coordinator.

During these months Mike and the staff has worked to revise the base reentry program and expanded it to a 4 hrs. / day session that will be held three days of week and run for four weeks. This expands the program to 48 hours of skill classes and includes both the Life Skills and Job Skills.

In December and January the OBK Board participated in presentations of both the Life and Job Skill classes so that their comments and recommendation could be include as we get ready to start returning citizen classes in January – February, 2020

  • LSSI/OBK – Cooperative Reentry Services for Returning Citizens
    • Base Program: 12 Class Sessions – 48 Hours Instruction
    • Providing Life Skills (16 hours) and Employment Skills (32 hours)
  • LSSI/OBK St. Clair County Probations Classes
    • Life Skill / Job Skill /Personal Skill Programs
    • Six students meet Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM for 3 weeks.
  • Individual Class Options
    • Individual Class Options days and times are posted.
    • Adequate Literacy skills are mandatory to participate in the Individual Classes
    • Classes include: Job Skills, Money Skills, Basic Computer & Smart Phone Skills, Job Application & Searching, and Steps to Successful Employment.