OBK Transitions from Joint Project with Lutheran Social Services (LSSI). OBK informed LSSI on February 16, 2021 that they would not sign a new joint project agreement for 2021-2022. OBK communicated an “extension of project grant agreement” that would extend the existing agreement until April 30, 2021. This would allow OBK and LSSI to resolve all issues related to client file liability and confidentiality, computer, printer and copier resources and other contractual details related to insurance and payroll. These issues were resolved jointly as part of a “transition agreement” so that OBK could operate independent of LSSI. The transition was completed on schedule and all issues were resolved to the satisfaction of both parties as of May 1, 2021. This transition from LSSI was necessary so that OBK could pursue the expansion and development of their staff and volunteers, contract with IDOC, and also to pursue options to apply and secure funding from foundations and State and Federal grants in particular related to OBK Reentry Services.