OBK continues to search for lay volunteers who have specific gifts that would mesh with the needs of our returning citizens. The following positions are open and OBK would welcome all who have the desire and ability to work with our returning citizens. The following positions are for review:

  • INTAKE Specialists and INTAKE Aide Specialists
    • Conduct INTAKE of new clients with emphasis on background information and
      to discern the client’s situation, needs and develop potential solutions.
  • OBK Educators and Returning Citizens-Sharing Their Stories.
    • Assist clients to recover from Traumas and work to recognize and treat Literacy
      deficiencies, mental health and other substance abuse patterns.
  • OBK Clothing Manager
    • Secure and maintain a small inventory of seasonally appropriate women’s and
      men’s clothing. This would also include securing and packaging hygiene kits.
  • OBK Housing Manager
    • Oversee the OBK housing needs and find the right housing based on limited client
      funds and restrictions on where they can live.
  • OBK Client Reviewers
    • Conduct periodic client reviews in person or by telephone and takes extensive
      notes on the clients past history and progress made on his short and long term

OBK Volunteer Contact: Mike Schuette, 618-271-7821 (obkpmschuette.@gmail.com)