OBK Operational Structure & Property-Site Selection Criteria

The OBK Board has continued to move forward to update the operational structure by forming two Low-Profit Limited Liability Companies named GEN-PU, L3C (Property Unit) and GEN-OU, L3C (Operating Unit). A manager was named for each L3C headed by Mr. John Laker (Property Unit) and Dcn. Tim DeRousse (Operating Unit). Each of these L3C will have their Federal ID (EIN) and bank checking account. A lease agreement will be established between GEN-PU, L3C the landlord of the property and GEN-OU, L3C the operating unit. The operating unit will pay rent to the property unit to help pay down the loan principle of the land and building.

OBK will also establish a license agreement between GEN-OU, L3C (the operating unit) and the Residents of the Operating Unit. The residents will be connected with the operating unit and provide liability protection from the OBK parent and the property unit.

Work is in progress by the OBK attorney to file the Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State for the L3C Property and L3C Operating Units.

OBK is also working with the J.W. Terrill Agency to review the OBK Board Liability in addition to General Liability and Builders Risk coverage for the new construction.

OBK Property-Site Selection

The ESL Planning Dept working with Jabari Conrad has provided a listing of some 36 properties in the East St. Louis area that are available for site selection. OBK has developed a set of criteria that could be used to assess if the site would be acceptable that includes:

  • Title Commitment-Chain of Title search up to a 100 years (as required) with an attached schedule B as provided by Benedick Title Insurance (O’Fallon, IL)
  • ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey of the property based on selected items as provided by Sherrill Associates (Edwardsville, IL)
  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment of the property that includes a review of records (federal, state, physical setting, historical site use, ownership history, and a search for environmental clean-up liens) as provided by Quality Testing & Engineering Inc. (O’Fallon, IL)
  • Zoning reports and recorded licensing that pertains to the land and buildings on the site available through the ESL Licensing & Permit Office.
  • Review of the OBK site & building assessment criteria list.

These 36 properties as list by ESL were reviewed by various OBK criteria and none were found acceptable as the site for the OBK home. Further work will continue to begin review of any ESL property that is under control of St. Clair County through the St. Clair County Land Trust for failure to pay taxes on the property.

Architect’s Building Design

OBK is working with Environs (Architect-Planners, Michael Sapp AIA, Maryville, IL) on the building design based on a single building that includes the Property Unit (building) and the Operating Unit (service provider area). The tentative building design is summarized as follows:

  • OBK Campus (Property and Operating Unit) at 6,300 sq. ft.
  •  Property Unit: library/office, computer room, common gathering area, kitchen, six bedrooms & bath rooms, laundry, storage area and a mechanical room.
  • Operating Unit: group meeting area, offices, small kitchen, bathrooms and computer training area.

The next step is to complete any new design changes and prepare drawings with sufficient detail to obtain construction bids. In addition, elevation drawings will be prepared with landscaping and parking areas etc. suitable to begin a capital fundraising campaign.