In 2018, a new entity was formed to enhance Catholic ministry to those incarcerated, detained, reentering society, as well as those affected by incarceration.

The Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition (CPMC) will serve as a hub network, a resource, and an advocate for ministries and chaplains who need on-going support to do their ministry.

As Catholics, there is also a need to be advocating legislatively, both locally and nationally, for the needs of those in prison, out of prison, doing the ministry, and the detained.

“The Coalition will include national Catholic organizations which presently provide resources to families and all those affected by incarceration/detention, such as Catholic Charities USA, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Knights of Malta, Jesuit Conference, and hopefully many others, “ said Karen Clifton, a member of the executive committee, and founder and former executive director of Catholic Mobilizing Network.

A key need within our Church is formation/certification of those who are ministering or are interested in ministering to those affected by incarceration. The National Association of Catholic Chaplains is part of CPMC’s formation committee, which is working to have a volunteer formation program available by May, 2019. The goal is to create an on-line, free, or minimal cost program that is easily accessible. The hope is also create materials for on-going support, and for those who are semi-professional ministers and professional ministers or chaplains.

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