The OBK Staff is ready for you to tell us how we can help you, and other needs you may have, and we will do our best to find the people and programs that may help. Although OBK can’t guarantee success in every way, OBK is aware of many different area resources that may be able to help you…and we promise to give you our best efforts. But you can fire us any time we aren’t able to help you…but we will welcome you back if you later change your mind and want us back.

OBK Operations and Client Services Understandings

At no time does OBK (Our Brothers’ Keepers of Southern Illinois) ever legally represent OBK clients in any way.  The mission of OBK is simply to do what it can to help men and women coming out of prison successfully transition back to their families and communities.

  • OBK does not make any promises to clients, guarantee the success or effectiveness of any OBK staff suggestions or services, or commit to provide continued services to clients in the future.
  • OBK does not have the staff to undertake research or make decisions for clients. In all cases, OBK clients make their own decisions as to what they want to do or not to do. OBK staff may make suggestions…but all clients make decisions based on their own perspectives.
  • OBK does not have staff attorneys, does not legally represent clients, and does not have funding to represent clients in any way.
  • OBK simply listens to returning citizen needs, and can refer OBK clients to other programs or people who might be able to assist them.
  • When possible, some of OBK’s services are provided free to clients.
  • Opinions or suggestions of OBK staff are just that: clients make their own decisions as to what they want or do not want to do.

Although OBK makes clients aware of various programs or agencies that may be available in the area to help them, OBK cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the services provided by the various area programs or agencies. Also, OBK reserves the right to permanently terminate services to a client.

Mike Schuette, OBK Program Director (618-271-7821)